Short break…

Sorry about not posting for the past couple weeks. There has been a flurry of activities in my life. Between graduation and now there has been: a wedding shower, packing to move, writing Thank You’s for said wedding shower, long-distance wedding planning, and assembling invitations to send out in the next couple days. AHHH! Maybe I’m being a bit overly dramamtic. All-in-all, it hasn’t been too bad but I thought that I would be less busy after I finished classes.

The sad thing about moving is that I haven’t been doing much cooking since I’ve had to pack a lot of our pots and pans 😦 But I cannot wait to get into our new kitchen. It is much spacier AND I get to fill it with all new small appliances, some new nonstick pans, new bakeware, and a new kitchen knife.

Yeah, that’s my new baby! It’s amazing! My soon-to-be-brother-in-law bought this for me for my graduation and I lurve it!! I’ve only been able to use it a couple of times but it is super sharp and feels like I could cut through anything. I want to tackle a butternut squash with this bad boy!

I promise to post more blogs once we get settled in the new apartment. Can’t wait to use the new kitchen!!!


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