“Christmas” Cookies

‘Tis the season for Christmas cookies!! So, I thought I should share a tradition from the Crapko family that dates back to Jeff’s childhood.

Well, at the Crapko house we make a plethora of Christmas cookies to suit everybody’s tastes. The most unusual cookies of the bunch are actually just cut-out sugar cookies. What makes them so unique is the way we decorate the cookies. When Jeff was little, his grandparent’s would come over during the holidays to help ice and decorate the cut-out cookies. The cookies were cut out in the usual holiday shapes, like Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, etc. But Jeff’s grandpa had the uncanny ability to see other shapes in the cookies. Let me show you what I mean.

Sure, some of the cookies look like any other iced sugar cookie during the holidays.

Nice cookies, but nothing out of the ordinary….

But if you take a snowman and turn it upside down, you get:

If you have a side-view-of-Santa cookie and turn it 90°, you might end up with:

Or rotate it another 180° and you get:

And sometimes a snowman is just a snowman:

And sometimes you just end up with something a little different:

You’re only limited by your imagination. So go forth and create! This is in remembrance of Grandpa Crapko, who saw the infinite possibilities in a cookie cutter world!


2 thoughts on ““Christmas” Cookies

  1. I really love this post Flora … thanks for doing it. Not only is it super cute and funny but it is a lovely shout out to grandpa!

  2. Thanks for all the cookies you let us sample! Each and everyone is such a treat. It just brightened up our holiday ‘Sison’. And how wonderful it is for you to publish some of the great Filipino dishes. We’re looking forward to seeing more of it. Keep up the good work, we are loving it, and we’re sure others will as well.

    Love from all of us and hi to Jeff!

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