Filipino Bistek

My mom made this for me and my brother a lot when we were kids. But when we were little, we knew this dish as Beef Steak. I always thought it was a redundant name for the dish but what did I know, I was 8. Only until later did I find out that the official name of the dish is Bistek, which is basically Beef Steak without the “f”. Yeah, it’s pretty Pinoy. Continue reading


The Filipino Cure to the Common Cold: Arroz Caldo

This recipe holds a special place in my heart, mostly because it’s usually what my mom made when my brother and I had the sniffles. Think of Arroz Caldo as the Filipino version of chicken noodle soup. This is true Filipino comfort food. Continue reading

Food from My Childhood – Chicken Adobo

This is my first Filipino recipe for Triple F (hee hee, I like nicknames), and how appropriate that it’s Chicken Adobo. Adobo has very few ingredients and the flavor strikes a fine balance of salty, sour, and a touch of sweet. Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines, but with that being said every family has their own recipe for adobo. Even my version of adobo is different from my mom’s version. This is due to the fact that my mom almost never measures when she cooks. This makes things complicated when I want to make a dish that I had growing up. It has been shown that my memory isn’t reliable when it comes to remembering recipes. So I called my mom to get the recipe from her. Continue reading