Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Sorry about the three month absence. Life got in the way of me cooking, taking pictures of said cooking, and blogging about said cooking and pictures.

But I return to the blog with good news: I got a new job!!! This job has better hours, so now I can cook dinner again! And with a job with hours from 9-5, comes the challenge of finding make-ahead and/or quick-cooking dinners. It seems that being a student/unemployed has left me with an arsenal of meals that are unsuitable for the work week.┬á So if you have any suggestions for any of those types of recipes, please pass them over to me ­čÖé Continue reading


Salsa Verde Carnitas!

I’m Filipina so that means that pork is basically a religion. I mean, come on, look at lechon! Whole roasted pig, the crispy, crunchy skin and the juicy, tender meat inside. What’s not to love about the pig?!? I may exaggerate a little but this recipe is seriously good and definitely curbed my craving for pork (I know what your thinking, get your mind out of the gutter!) and TexMex food. This recipe is adapted from Closet Cooking blog. This dude updates his blog almost every day. I don’t know how he does it but it definitely makes for an interesting read. Check him out!

Anyways, back to the pork. I served the carnitas in tacos but they would be awesome in a burrito. From the leftover carnitas I made a quesadilla and it was amazing! I could just sit with the bowl full of this stuff and eat it with a spoon…. but that’s just me. Definitely make this, it’s so good and really easy. I just put the pot on low and let it braise for several hours.

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